Tokenized Financing

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Tokenized Business Model

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EEF is raising capital via the issuance of security tokens and holding equipment on its balance sheet to offer operating leases to plant operators. 

Easy Energy Climate Token SM Use of Funds and Share or Revenues



We are creating a security token family, the Easy Energy Climate Token SM, and token sale tranches will vary from $1m to $40m. 

  • Unlike most all other blockchain investments, the Easy Energy Climate Token SM are backed by an actual “Physical Asset” and reliable profit-sharing arrangements.

  • Plant operators will pay modest lease rental charges as well as a negotiated share of profits.

  • A significant share of the plant’s profits will be paid to Easy Energy Climate Token SM holders for the entire life of the system. These recurring profits across many installed systems greatly increase the rate of return for the Token Holders.

  • EEF’s capital spending will be fully depreciated – in effect defraying tax due on profits.

  • Our first token will represent a profit share of an existing modular demonstration plant, currently located at the Easy Energy facility in Emmetsburg, Iowa.