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Easy Energy Finance (EEF) raises capital for the Green Economy, providing the funds required to buy and install equipment. 


We solve the world’s major problems – turning Waste into Green Energy, Wealth, and Clean Water.


Our innovative technology consumes organic waste, sequesters carbon, and produces biofuel, biochar, distributed bioelectricity, soil enhancing microbes and other valuable by-products to help the world rapidly reduce carbon and methane emissions. 


EEF has been set up to promote the supply of Easy Energy Systems, Inc.'s clean energy waste conversion carbon capturing units by selling Easy Energy Climate Capital to cover the capital cost of its Modular Energy Production System, (MEPS®).
The bioenergy industry continues to undergo a period of record growth and expansion. In 2020, the United States led the world in biofuel production producing 14 billion gallons, or half of the total output. Forecasts project US production more than doubling to 32 billion gallons, and global production rising to 64 billion gallons by 2025.


Mark Gaalswyk

Founder & CEO

Mark is the CEO of the publicly traded company Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc. (trading symbol  DUTV). Mark is also the Founder / CEO of Easy Energy Finance, Inc. (EEF), Easy Energy Systems, Inc. (EES), and Easy Automation Inc. (EAI). EES is a developer of award-winning disruptive modular climate-saving technologies. EES received the Firestarter Award as one of the top twelve world-changing technologies on the planet. EAI is a company he successfully started and grew into the largest provider of feed software and automation in North America. EAI received the “Inc. 500” award as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation and also received a U.S. State Legislators award for being a top “Small Business of the Year” in 1999. In 1998, Mark was named, “Technology Leader of the Year” in Minnesota.


Mike Ballmann

Director of Climate Capital Operations

With a concentration in financial and engineering mathematics, Mike is portfolio management & trade professional specializing in renewable and alternative fuels (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and ethanol), electricity markets (DA/RT markets, transmission & environmental credit markets) and depletable resource extraction & mining (ISR uranium, rare earth minerals & sand). He holds 15 years of experience in the quantitative finance, engineering mathematics, portfolio management, employee management, and operations management throughout small start-up companies and global multi-billion-dollar organizations. Prior to his current civilian life, Mike served in the United States Army and United States Department of Defense (DoD). Supported by multiple professional licenses, certifications and graduate degrees in financial & engineering mathematics, accounting and energy economics, Mike remains very active as a member of the prestigious Rice University Baker Institute for Public Policy – Center for Energy Studies.

Bill Bliler Headshot.jpg

Bill Bliler

Director of Investor Relations

Bill is passionate about sustainability, clean energy, and providing environmentally safe solutions to our world's food, water, and energy problems.  He has over 30 years of business development, investor relationship, and operations management experience.  Bill is the former founder and managing partner of Integra Advisors, where he specialized in problem identification, process and change management, strategic assessment, investor growth, and revenue enhancement. He has exceptional investor management & collaboration ability, and a sincere desire to exceed investor expectations while building enduring relationships and developing a trusted client partnership.  He serves as both an investor advocate and a trusted consultant to his partners, focusing on aligning innovative technology to solve the world’s major problems – turning Waste into Green Energy, Wealth, and Clean Water – while maximizing their investment.

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