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Is my investment secured?

Yes, Easy Energy Finance, Inc.  will file a lien in favor of investors on every piece of equipment purchased with Easy Energy Climate Capital Funds.

What are some sample projects?

Modular Easy FEN Microbial Fertilizer Production  systems deployed to rural agricultural  farmer cooperatives, providing the local farmers climate saving, non - petroleum based nutrients,  that can dramatically help  increase the local food production while helping with the problem of climate change.


Modular Nano Void Systems deployed to communities to help treat wastewater so as to lessen pollution of streams and rivers.


Modular Bio Energy Systems converting otherwise thrown away crop waste or dead forest fire prone trees into clean, low carbon  renewable energy  

How is revenue from end customer operating leases distributed?

Operating leases with end customers will provide payments to Easy Energy Finance which will then pay 80% of this to the Easy Energy Climate Capital Investors. Easy Energy Finance will utilize the 20% to pay staff to regularly monitor remotely and help improve profitability of end customer operating systems.

The Easy Energy Climate Capital  PPM mentions that operating leases will be negotiated with the payments being the GREATER of a base rate or share of net profits. What is the planned base rate? 

The planned base operating lease rate paid by end customers will be the published Prime interest rate for the lease period   plus 20%. This will effectively provide a base or minimum payment to Easy Energy Climate Capital Investors of prime interest. This will be for investor monies  deployed at operating  customer projects. 

In the event payment from share of net profits is greater, how will that be calculated?

Net profit share will be set at up to  55% of  the net profit of the pro rata portion of project funded by Easy Energy Climate Capital monies.  As an example, if a $1 million dollar Modular Easy FEN Microbial Fertilizer production system produces  a net profit of $700,000 dollars per year, and if it was 90% funded by Easy Energy Climate Capital Monies; then the math would be  $700,000 (net profit)  x .90  (percent funded by Easy Energy Climate Capital) x .55  (max profit share percent) = $346,500.  This $346,500 (total payment to EEF) x  .80 (percent passed on to investors) would mean a potential share of net profit payment to investors of $277,200. This amount would then be compared to  straight prime interest rate calculation.. If prime interest rate  for the period is 7.5 percent, the base annual lease amount  would be $52,500 at prime interest rate only. Since the share of net profit amount ($277,200) is much greater than the prime interest rate, this larger amount of $277,200 is what would instead actually  be paid on to investors. This is why we have structures the investment as a revenue share agreement versus a traditional subscription agreement.

How often will share of revenue be calculated and paid to investors?

Easy Energy Finance, Inc. will monitor projects and collect from projects.  These amounts will be passed  on to investors a minimum of every 6 months.

What happens if a project does not make their payments timely?

All of the deployed systems will be monitored and optimized remotely by the staff of Easy Energy Finance, Inc. This will be done  via  the internet or satellite. In the event a customer does not make timely payments (subject to reasonable exceptions,)  the remote modular machine will be turned off via remote control  and prevented from operating.

What if nonpayment by an end customer continues?

As the deployed machines are modularized and shipping container sized, they can be quite easily removed from the site much like picking up a standard sized shipping container. The module can then be redeployed and activated at another  paying customer.

How does this differ from a traditional finance lease?

Unlike a traditional finance lease, the end customer does not simply pay off the principal lease and keep the longer  term profits. The operating lease structure is a longer term, expected life of the machine revenue share agreement.

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