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Easy Energy system’s small to mid-size distributed plants allow for waste conversion technologies to be located much closer to the source of the various converted waste streams.

We solve a major problem which plagues the Alternative and Green Energy industry: how to meet the immediate capital cost of state of the art technologies, which can be significant, before profitable operations begin?

For over a decade, “mega plants” have failed to deliver economic solutions, took years to deploy, required large capital investments, and made losing bets on outdated technologies and the wrong feedstocks.

  • Our patented factory-built modular approach allows more efficient and profitable cutting edge technologies to be connected together on site in various configurations: 

  • Should any one module of a system become obsolete, simply remove this one module and replace it with a new more efficient technology. This is in contrast to the mega “stick built” plants that then often just sit dormant.

  • Should any plant site prove to no longer be profitable, simply pick up the self- contained modules and quickly relocate them to another more profitable site.


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